An aerial image captures the subject as well as the surrounding area.


Video from the air provides stunning imagery for your video projects!

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Real Estate

Let us capture your home from above, showcasing the entire homesite or property.

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Land Development

Aerial is a great way to get the perfect photo of a large development property.

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There are many different methods to capture a picture or a video. Aerial photography is becoming one of the best ways to help a property stand out from the rest. Aerial photos and videos are a great addition to your sales kit. They help tell the story of what your home or property is all about, while giving the viewer a greater sense of the "big picture".

With modern technology, aerial photography and video is more affordable than ever! Smaller equipment combined with remote operation help get the perfect shot at the perfect distance, safely and affordably.

Unless you're using a camera on a long pole, or a tethered balloon, commercial aerial photography is regulated by the FAA. Our pilots are certified by the FAA under the new Part 107 ruling for sUAS. So give us a call to take care of your aerial photography needs today!

About Us

FlyPIX is the aerial division of Ray Of Light Media. We are located in Pigeon Forge, TN, but we travel to your business no matter where it is.

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